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Octavoscene (Pty) Ltd was established in 2009, its mission statement was to provide its client base access to feedlot consultants in both the beef and lamb feedlot sectors.

When it was established the company contracted the services of S and E Feedlot Consulting Services, whose doctors have an extensive knowledge in feedlot production medicine, this was done to allow the smaller role players access to this level of knowledge and expertise.


When combining its customer base, the company was able to negotiate with suppliers for competitive pricing for their customers. Today it provides veterinary medicines to feedlots, both big and small, to aid them in the most efficient production of wholesome and nutritious beef and lamb.

In 2016 Octavoscene (Pty) Ltd established an office in Malmesbury in the Western Cape, in support of the dairy industry and has most recently expanded to include a service to the pig sector in the Western and Southern Cape

The company believes in the responsible use of veterinary medicine, and importantly the judicious of antibiotics under the supervision of a veterinarian.

The company continues to look at innovative ideas of supporting the industry and is proud to announce that they have engaged the services of Professor Leon Prozesky who will be providing a diagnostic pathology service to all our clients.

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